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Creating a leadership team that has solid relationships with an array of important stakeholders will save time later.

Every SMP should incorporate goals identified in the Basin Roundtable’s Basin Implementation Plan. Each of Colorado’s nine Basin Roundtables are attended by water managers, landowners and agency personnel that can advise on leadership, identify technical advisors and stakeholders across the basin, and help with SMP visioning. Basin Roundtable involvement in SMPs vary by basin. At their most engaged, roundtables provide funding, leadership and identify appropriate watersheds/reaches that would benefit from SMPs. At a minimum, the roundtable should be aware of the SMP and be offered a chance to participate.


  1. The Basin Implementation Plans’ Identified Projects and Processes (IPP) sections provide a catalogue of ongoing projects and collaborators.
  2. The Colorado Basin Roundtable and the Hutchins Water Center developed a framework for IWMPs that encourages plan development in key river reaches and also creates consistency in approach.
  3. In the Yampa, there was no one organization well-positioned to lead a larger-scale SMP. The Basin Roundtable stepped up to be the project lead and will make the IWMP a centerpiece of its work for the next three years.

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