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Initiate Conversations and Identify Leadership

Stream Management Plans can best be described as part social science, part hard science. The social science is a big piece of it – getting stakeholders together and asking what is it you need? What is it that you see? What is it that you envision for this river?

Sean Cronin, Saint Vrain and Left Hand Water Conservancy District

Leadership and coordination are central to all collaborative, stakeholder-based efforts. Successful SMPs are led by organizations that have willingness, staff capacity, financial ability, appropriate geographic scope, and good relations with a variety of water users. Effective SMP leads keep partners on task, compile information, control messaging around purpose/outcomes, track and apply for project funding, and work with both stakeholders and technical teams. Coordinators set the rules and timelines for the process, which can make or break project outcomes.

Consider Capacity and Culture

Use existing collaborative structures

Engage the Basin Roundtable

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