SMP Nuts and Bolts

Define Purpose and Scope

Refine Goals

While it may be more efficient for project leaders to set goals, it is important for key stakeholders to review, refine and ultimately buy into these goals. If initial requests for input go unanswered, be persistent. Through wide, inclusive stakeholder engagement, leaders will avoid later hearing from stakeholder groups who did not engage in the process, questioning planning efforts.


  1. This table identifies common SMP goals and possible key questions for anticipatory, reactionary and exploratory planning processes
  2. Yampa IWMP Interview Questions and Assessment provide a model for gathering stakeholder input on scoping and goal setting.
  3. The Eagle River Community Water Plan engaged their stakeholders early using small groups to share and answer questions around the goals and scope that project leads had crafted, asking the group to provide input on what was missing or needed to be edited. They report their scope and stakeholder group, are much stronger because of that step.
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