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SMP/IWMP leaders and practitioners from around the State continue to collaborate to share their knowledge and build support systems for each other as they work through their planning processes. Below you will find links to recorded peer-calls and presentations/notes from peer-learning workshops. All upcoming peer-learning events are also listed, along with registration information.

Upcoming Events

Stream Management Peer Workshop (Sustaining Colorado Watersheds Conference)

October 5, 2020
Location (virtual or in-person) TBD pending current events

Peer Calls

Ask a Practitioner

Peer Workshops

Stream Management Peer Workshop (Sustaining Colorado Watersheds Conference)


Topics included community engagement strategies, tips for engaging the agricultural community, methods for assessing flow in a data-poor environment, approaches for assessing irrigation infrastructure, and methods for establishing baseline conditions.

Available presentations include:


Diversion Infrastructure Assessment, Daniel Boyes, Rio Grande Restoration Project

Assessing Flow, Seth Mason, Lotic Hydrological

View the agenda and key takeaways.

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