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SMP/IWMP leaders and practitioners from around the State continue to collaborate to share their knowledge and build support systems for each other as they work through their planning processes. Below you will find links to recorded peer-calls and presentations/notes from peer-learning workshops. All upcoming peer-learning events are also listed, along with registration information.

Environmental Flows Cohort Opportunity

Is your coalition interested in setting or meeting environmental flow recommendations on your river?

Would working alongside your peers in a cohort be helpful?

River Network, Western Resource Advocates, and Colorado Water Trust are establishing a Flow Training Program!

Applications will open May 6, 2024

Upcoming Events

Peer Call: Understanding How Watershed, Forest, and Other Planning Initiatives Come Together 

Thursday, April 25, 2024, 10:00 am – 11:30 am

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Peer Calls

Watershed Planning 101 Webinar


This webinar introduces watershed planning and the basic elements to consider as you get started with watershed planning in your community. Participants will learn from two examples of watershed planning processes presented by Upper Gunnison River Water Conservancy District and Southwest Decision Resources. This webinar is presented by River Network and Colorado Water Conservation Board.

Presentations included:


Watershed Planning 101, Brian Murphy and Chelsea Silva, River Network, and Andrea Harbin Monahan, Colorado Water Conservation Board


Altar Valley Watershed Plan (Arizona), Julia Guglielmo, Southwest Decision Resources


Upper Gunnison Basin Watershed Management Plan (Colorado), Cheryl Cwelich, Upper Gunnison River Water Conservancy District


View the agenda and call resources.

View the video recording of the call.

Who Is and Who Could Be at the Table for Your Planning Process


River Network and Strategic by Nature shared considerations for stakeholder and community engagement processes focused on watershed planning. Through a guided presentation, small group discussions, and examples shared by SMP lead James Dilzell, Executive Director of Eagle River Watershed Council, participants explored and defined what equity, diversity, and inclusion mean for stakeholder and community engagement within the context of stream management planning.

Presentations included:


Who Is and Who Could Be at the Table for Your Planning Process, Stacy Beaugh, Strategic By Nature, and Chelsea Silva, River Network


View the agenda and call notes.

View the video recording of the call.

Ask a Practitioner

Data Management and Tools


Hannah Holm, Director of the Hutchins Water Center at Colorado Mesa University, and Seth Mason, Principal Hydrologist at Lotic Hydrological, discuss their approaches and experience with managing the vast amounts of data that typically result from a river health assessment. They cover two aspects of data within the SMP process:

Understanding the data management and synthesis needs for an SMP, and how and when to create a plan (see the Assess Conditions phase of the SMP process).
Understanding where to source data for an SMP and tools that are available to give you a head start, such as the Colorado River Basin Data Dashboards.

Using Recreation Surveys to Understand Community Preferences


Holly Loff, Eagle River Watershed Council and Laurie Rink, Middle Colorado Watershed Council discuss their customized approaches to understanding their community’s preferences on river flows, uses, and access. More information on the American Whitewater flow preference survey and other approaches for understanding river-based recreation can be found here.

Peer Workshops

Environmental Flows Cohort Teaser


During this workshop, participants learned about the environmental flows process, how it relates to Stream Management Plans, and how to measure flow. Participants explored the barriers and opportunities to environmental flows and learned about American Whitewater’s flow measurement tool. This workshop was formatted as a “teaser” for the 2024 environmental flows cohort hosted by River Network, Western Resource Advocates, and Colorado Water Trust. This workshop was held as a pre-pre conference workshop at 2023 Sustaining Colorado Watersheds Conference in Avon, CO.


Rules of Engagement, Anticipated Outcomes, and Colorado Stream Management Plan Peer Learning Network, Stacy Beaugh, Strategic By Nature, Inc., and Chelsea Silva, River Network,


Environmental Flows Cohort Teaser, Stephanie Scott, Scott Solutions Consulting


How to Measure Flows 101, Seth Mason, Lotic Hydrological & Jay Skinner, Western Resource Advocates


Steps Beyond Flows Assessment & Evaluation, Tony LaGreca, Colorado Water Trust


View the agenda and notes.

Gunnison SMP/IWMP Field Trip & Wet Meadows Tour

8/2/2023 – 8/4/2023

Wet meadows tour: Yampa River Collaborative is visiting Gunnison to learn about wet meadows restoration work being led by Upper Gunnison River Water Conservancy District. The goal of these site visits is to generate ideas for how to implement similar projects in the Yampa River Basin.

Gunnison SMP/IWMP Field Trip: Participants explored the Gunnison Integrated Water Management Plan and tested out tools and approaches used in the planning process. Training was provided on assessing two indicators of river health (floodplain connectivity and aquatic biota), including wet meadows asssessment training and macroinvertebrate sampling. Participants participated in implementation site visits to learn about watershed system optimization.

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