Environmental Flows Cohort Teaser

Peer Workshops


During this workshop, participants learned about the environmental flows process, how it relates to Stream Management Plans, and how to measure flow. Participants explored the barriers and opportunities to environmental flows and learned about American Whitewater’s flow measurement tool. This workshop was formatted as a “teaser” for the 2024 environmental flows cohort hosted by River Network, Western Resource Advocates, and Colorado Water Trust. This workshop was held as a pre-pre conference workshop at 2023 Sustaining Colorado Watersheds Conference in Avon, CO.


Introduction and Colorado Stream Management Plan Peer Learning Network, Stacy Beaugh, Strategic By Nature, and Chelsea Silva, River Network


Environmental Flows Cohort Teaser, Stephanie Scott, Scott Solutions Consulting


How to Measure Flows 101, Seth Mason, Lotic Hydrological & Jay Skinner, Western Resource Advocates


Steps Beyond Flows Assessment & Evaluation, Tony LaGreca, Colorado Water Trust


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